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iTechnoDigital comprises an award-winning team of digital marketing and development specialists, web designers, developers and content strategists working together like a family.

iTechno is not just a brand name with digital logos, it is a team of dedicated, young and enthusiastic professionals who know how to create digital credits. Our team is just about search engine optimization, it’s about complete marketing campaigns, including brand consultation, social media management, mobile marketing, content strategy, hosting plans as well as web design and development. So if you have a business that needs to be linked to the target market, keep reading and you know why you should hire

we provide a perfect combination of services as per client’s needs. We help the businesses get qualified customers by using internet marketing techniques that very few would know of. When you get the required blend of search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, mobile marketing and content management, your business gets an online presence which becomes hard to ignore. So even if you are a startup or have already established your business quite well, our marketing strategies are going to cater to your needs effectively.

We have ensured that we provide 100 percent customer satisfaction to our clients. We would like to add you to our list of clients and help both of us to grow online.


I laid down the iTechnoDigital foundation with the dream of making a transformation in digital marketing, web development, app developer and live up to the expectations of our clients while helping them in achieving their businesses’ objectives efficiently. – Shahnawaz Jivrani, Founder, and CEO

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